Bristow Bonsmara

Breeding Philosophy

Selected For Adaptation

Achieved through selecting for fertility and veld performance in an unpampered natural environment

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Form Will Follow Function

Bulls must be virile and masculine. Females must show clear femininity. Cattle must be functionally efficient.

From Veld To Sale Pen

No fattening of sale cattle. What you see if what you will breed. Bristow Bonsmara packed on beef off the veld. Our future lies in grass not grain.

"The Bristow herd contains the best of the Bonsmara blood lines. The quality, confirmation, growth potential, milk production as well as eventual weight and temperament of this herd will impress potential buyers. These cattle represent the desired ideal. They are the product of a breeders creative urge and the fruit of years of pain staking selection and the breeders capability." - Prof. Jan Bonsma 1973


Bristow Bonsmara

Selected over 150 years, over 3 generations.